Having ideas and muse
but lacking space and tools?

The public Olomouc Workshop lets you take the production into your very own hands. All the necessary professional equipment is at hand and we are always more than happy to help and advise you.

How does it work? You can borrow whatever hand and power tools we have at our disposal. We are talkig all the tools for working with wood, metal, paper, leather and even textiles. For larger projects, you need to bring your own material but otherwise you can use the offcuts or wooden pallets available in the workshop. We have several designated workplace stations, a large table, woodworking and sewing machines and even a 3D printer. There are also basic fasteners, adhesives, paints and varnishes ready for you.

The whole workshop is operated in the zero waste idea. That means we recycle, repurpose and refurbish whatever we can. Since the existence of our workshop - many beautiful gifts have been produced, lots of old furniture pieces have been repaired and many incredible projects have been realized.

In addition to the traditional operation of our fine establishment, we organize a number of workshops, whether specialized (for example basics of woodworkikng, leatherworking, woodcarving, etc.) or focused on families with children (carving pumpkins, building birdfeeders, seasonal decorations, etc.).

Workshops can also be arranged in advance as thematic events - for children, elementary schools, scout clubs, corporate teambuildings, groups of seniors or disabled people. It is also possible to arrange workshops someplace else or you can rent our premises for your own event.


Rooseveltova 472/79
779 00 Olomouc

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