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Build your Own Otto Robot:

  • Date
    18. 12. 2019 16:00-18:00
  • Capacity 8 /8
  • Price 1 199 Kč

This is the opportunity to build and have your first little robot, Otto; an interactive robot that anyone can make! Otto brings people closer to technology. learn the logical connection between code and action, and by assembling it they understand how its components, and electronics work.

More information on the Otto DIY project you can find pon its' web page or facebook page or youtube channel.

Build your own robot; you will be able to build your own Otto; in as little as one hour! Easy to build and disassemble with only one mini screwdriver. It is a simple robot kit for both beginners and experts.

1. You will receive one Otto DIY full kit including all you need to make this biped robot.
2. You will follow the assembly instructions and with the support of the teachers,
3. Finish your new Otto robot and put it to dance.

Younger than 15 years should have an adult company.

With any questions feel free to contuct us.
We are looking foreward! :-)

Otto parts



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